lunedì 28 febbraio 2011

A medical check up from Dr. Jesus of Nazareth

Dear friends  and readers of the blog in Italy and abroad,
I’m approaching my fifties, and, feeling my old age approaching, I decided to get a general check up, to see if I run any health risk.
And so I decided for a free consultation by Dr. Jesus of Nazareth, because I wanted to hear what He would find about me.
I went to Him, and unfortunately He found me not in good health: I can even say that I was found severely ill!
When the Dr Jesus checked my blood pressure, it was found low: low above all in tenderness, love and understanding towards the others.
 My temperature was 40 ° of anxiety, and Dr Jesus told me that I’m too concerned about the future and about things I am not able to change or to control. He told me that the remedy is very simple: to trust Divine Providence more.
At ECG I was found in need of several bypass of fraternal love, in order to reopen my old arteries, completely blocked by prejudice and envy.
At an orthopaedic examination, Dr Jesus diagnosed multiple old fractures, poorly consolidated, which prevent me from walking side by side with my neighbour: I got the fractures fighting with others out of envy, and it is because of continuous jealousy that I get frequent sprains.
Not to mention the eye examination: He found me visually impaired, unable to see beyond the faults of my neighbour. Ii is like I am short sighted, and I am able to see only the little seed in the eye of my brother, but I am completely blind about the log in my own eye.
My ENT examination was even worse: I have severe acuphens and tinnitus, preventing me from hearing the words and the cry for help coming from my neighbour; and that causes severe communication difficulties and dire misunderstandings.
The remedy Dr Jesus suggested me, was extremely simple to say, but terribly difficult to put into practice: several times a day to take a glass of humility, which, even though a bit bitter, it helps to get a sweet heart; then to drink a glass of fraternity before and after each meeting with somebody. At bedtime, Dr Jesus recommend two tablets of "examination of conscience", insisting on the fact that I must never fall into depression… because I takes time to heal.
He assured me that He trusts my commitment in following the prescriptions, and kept repeating that, by persevering in doing so, I would certainly get well!
Dr Jesus of Nazareth was very kind and, before leaving Chaaria, He gave me his number, so that I can call him for review any time I feel sick again... and He repeated that consultation is free of charge.

Bro Beppe Gaido

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Anonimo ha detto...

I have really loved this story which is somehow funny, but very interesting and good for meditation.
Rose Mwendwa Mwenda

Chaaria è un sogno da realizzare giorno per giorno.

Un luogo in cui vorrei che tutti i poveri e gli ammalati venissero accolti e curati.

Vorrei poter fare di più per questa gente, che non ha nulla e soffre per malattie facilmente curabili, se solo ci fossero i mezzi.

Vorrei smetterla di dire “vai altrove, perché non possiamo curarti”.

Anche perché andare altrove, qui, vuol dire aggiungere altra fatica, altro sudore, altro dolore, per uomini, donne e bambini che hanno già camminato per giorni interi.

E poi, andare dove?

Gli ospedali pubblici hanno poche medicine, quelli privati sono troppo costosi.

Ecco perché penso, ostinatamente, che il nostro ospedale sia un segno di speranza per questa gente. Non ci sarà tutto, ma facciamo il possibile. Anzi, l’impossibile.

Quello che mi muove, che ci muove, è la carità verso l’altro, verso tutti. Nessuno escluso.

Gesù ci ha detto di essere presenti nel più piccolo e nel più diseredato.

Questo è quello che facciamo, ogni giorno.

Fratel Beppe Gaido

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