domenica 5 febbraio 2012

I never wanted to die

It was a caesarean section at 10 pm. The condition of the foetus was not good, so I was to be very quick with spinal anaesthesia.
But God has helped me and the procedure took only a few minutes.
Scrubbing was done at an unbelievable speed, and the time between cutting the skin and removing the baby was about five minutes only.
In spite of thick meconium the baby girl started crying immediately and I felt very relieved. But, while continuing with the stitching of the uterus, I was called to the labour room because the new born was not able to breath.
It was a terrible decision for me: do I continue the operation because I am the only doctor in theatre, or do I rush to resuscitate the baby?
The decision came quickly: I have asked for warm saline solution; I have soaked a green towel and covered the wound of the mother.
I have told the people helping me for the operation to hold on and to call me in case of any anaesthesiological problem for the patient. Then I have rushed to the labour room: the infant was not breathing at all and the heart beat was very slow.
But probably a miracle took place in front of my eyes: I have started pumping oxygen into the lungs of the new born and I have performed a cardiac massage.
I really don’t know which of the two procedures was more effective; the fact is that in no time the breathing started and became regular, while the heart beat restarted as well.
My joy was great and I rushed quickly to my cooperators in theatre: the patient was calm; there had been very little bleeding and we could continue with our operation without problems. It is a happy story because both mother and child are alive and good, but it is also an example of the dire challenges we face in Chaaria, above all at night and during the weekends.

Dr. Bro. Giuseppe Gaido

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Chaaria è un sogno da realizzare giorno per giorno.

Un luogo in cui vorrei che tutti i poveri e gli ammalati venissero accolti e curati.

Vorrei poter fare di più per questa gente, che non ha nulla e soffre per malattie facilmente curabili, se solo ci fossero i mezzi.

Vorrei smetterla di dire “vai altrove, perché non possiamo curarti”.

Anche perché andare altrove, qui, vuol dire aggiungere altra fatica, altro sudore, altro dolore, per uomini, donne e bambini che hanno già camminato per giorni interi.

E poi, andare dove?

Gli ospedali pubblici hanno poche medicine, quelli privati sono troppo costosi.

Ecco perché penso, ostinatamente, che il nostro ospedale sia un segno di speranza per questa gente. Non ci sarà tutto, ma facciamo il possibile. Anzi, l’impossibile.

Quello che mi muove, che ci muove, è la carità verso l’altro, verso tutti. Nessuno escluso.

Gesù ci ha detto di essere presenti nel più piccolo e nel più diseredato.

Questo è quello che facciamo, ogni giorno.

Fratel Beppe Gaido

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