domenica 16 febbraio 2014

Olga and Radek

Although they will leave Chaaria on Wednesday, I have decided to greet them officially today because I have got some moments to think about the service they have done for us in Chaaria for the time we have been together.

They have been with us for about 2 months, and they have been actually very good.
They are from Warsaw and they have been with us for about 2 months.
Olga is a young doctor and her presence has been pivotal in the management of the general ward, where she has been working both in the female and in the male side. I have greatly appreciated her humility and her knowledge, her dedication and her love for the sick.
I have appreciated her competence and even more the way she has related to the patients and to the other staff of the hospital.
Radek is a photographer and he has worked in different parts of the mission: first of all he has offered a wonderful service to our inmates in the center of the "Good Sons"; he has loved them and he has become their friend. Also Radek has been able to create a positive cooperation with all our workers.

On top of that, he has helped Bro Giancarlo in the setting up of the official webside of the hospital, which will be ready soon, and online in the near future.
He has also prepared wonderful photos, some of which already have appeared on the blog, and others which may become a book in future... if that is in the plans of God.
It has been very nice to live and to work with them both. I am sure that the last 2 days will be beautiful and sad in the same time:
beautiful because now we know each other and we appreciate our personalities, and sad because any time somebody goes back home, for us there is the feeling of something ending up for ever. 
Of course we always hope to meet again and to work together again in Chaaria, but nobody knows and we have lost touch with so many people with whom our relationship had been so strong. But we live day by day and life will decide if we will meet again or not.
For now we assure Olga and Radek of our heartfelt gratitude, of our feelings of friendship and of our sincere esteem.
We also promise them that we will keep them in our prayers.
Safe journey back to Poland... and, if you can, don't forget us... and possibly come again to Chaaria!

Bro Beppe

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Chaaria è un sogno da realizzare giorno per giorno.

Un luogo in cui vorrei che tutti i poveri e gli ammalati venissero accolti e curati.

Vorrei poter fare di più per questa gente, che non ha nulla e soffre per malattie facilmente curabili, se solo ci fossero i mezzi.

Vorrei smetterla di dire “vai altrove, perché non possiamo curarti”.

Anche perché andare altrove, qui, vuol dire aggiungere altra fatica, altro sudore, altro dolore, per uomini, donne e bambini che hanno già camminato per giorni interi.

E poi, andare dove?

Gli ospedali pubblici hanno poche medicine, quelli privati sono troppo costosi.

Ecco perché penso, ostinatamente, che il nostro ospedale sia un segno di speranza per questa gente. Non ci sarà tutto, ma facciamo il possibile. Anzi, l’impossibile.

Quello che mi muove, che ci muove, è la carità verso l’altro, verso tutti. Nessuno escluso.

Gesù ci ha detto di essere presenti nel più piccolo e nel più diseredato.

Questo è quello che facciamo, ogni giorno.

Fratel Beppe Gaido

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